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These three NZ Apps can help you save some cash while buying, growing and swapping food
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These three NZ Apps can help you save some cash while buying, growing and swapping food

No more questioning how to afford your veges this week.

In the midst of the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis, Kiwis are really feeling the pinch when it comes to leaving the supermarket with a big ol’ hole in their bank account.

That’s why we’re getting a little more clever with tackling the rising grocery expenses and with a whole bunch of local apps to help us along the way, there’s no excuse not to get innovative with how we’re eating.

No need for you to search high and low, I’ve found the crème de la crème of the crop for Kiwis to buy, swap, and grow fresh produce within their communities. 

Let’s start with the latest local app to join the bunch. 

Magic Beans, the ultimate food trading platform began in Hawke's Bay, but has quickly found its feet and is ready to go out nationwide! 

This app is on a mission to fight rising food costs and bring communities closer together. 

Easily allowing Kiwis to swap their homegrown goodies or even trade compost for gardening tips – talk about green magic!

SOURCE: magicbeansapp.com

An app that allows you to buy cafe food at a super discounted price and gives you the warm fuzzies knowing you're doing your bit for the environment. 

‘Foodprint’ is here to change the game here in Aotearoa, tackling the issue of food waste head on whilst saving us all a bit of cash along the way. 

The app allows you to explore both familiar and new eateries near you, where you can purchase their surplus food at a huuuge discount, often 50% off, if not more.

Plus with food being saved from going to waste carbon emissions are reduced, while you get some yummy food for a steal. Sounds like a win-win to me.

SOURCE: foodprint.app

This app is like having a garden guru in your pocket, tailored to your specific climate zone, telling you the perfect veggies to sow right now for a flourishing garden. 

Plus, it's chock-full of tips to make your crops shine! No more guesswork, because you can connect with fellow gardeners in the ‘Gardenate community’ to swap comments and tricks. 

I definitely need a helping hand when it comes to my green thumb.

SOURCE: apps.apple.com

So, there you have it. Say goodbye to your pricey supermarket woes to embrace the community spirit, support local, and crunch through this crisis with a greener solution.