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Air NZ is having a sale on cheap flights to Raro for less than the cost of my weekly groceries
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Air NZ has a sale on cheap flights to Raro that might make a tropical holiday actually double

I guess the kids can join in on this one!

Forget planning that expensive European holiday that every other Kiwi has been on this year, cause you and the family could be vacationing in Raro to welcome in 2024. 

AirNZ has released a whole bunch of flights to the Cook Islands, and this time the whole family could join you. 

We're talking $255 for Economy, $410 for Premium Economy, and for those who want to fly high in style, Business Premier starts at $570.

The sales here for a good time, not a long time, so you better get planning before October 4th.

There are deals on your way back too. 

From today until October 9th, fares from Rarotonga to Auckland are from $208 for Economy, $363 for Premium Economy, and $523 for Business Premier.

Flights are available between 30 January – 27 March 2024, so you can kick the new year off in tropical style.

Jeremy O’Brien, the General Manager of Short Haul at Air New Zealand, reckons Raro is a good shout for a summer vacay. 

He says: “January-March is an ideal time to visit the Cook Islands – temperatures average around 26 degrees Celsius and any summer rain is typically in the form of brief tropical showers. What’s more, the summer months are generally quieter on the islands, so you won’t be fighting anyone for a pool lounger!”