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From paua pies to lavender ice cream: Travellers share the best places for a cheap bite in NZ
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From paua pies to lavender ice cream: Travellers share the best places for a cheap bite in NZ

Pack the car. We're going on a road trip!

It’s no secret we’ve got some delicious hidden gems all around New Zealand, but there are a few that have seemed to top the list for one Kiwi travel Instagram account.

Posting a video of all the best ‘cheap eats’ they’ve wrapped their lips around, @escape.video have tried everything from ice cream, chicken and waffles and even paua pies!

Shout out to the hungry travellers that did the hard yards taste-testing all this goodness so we can get amongst it too.

Okay, my stomach is grumbling, and my mouth is drooling, so let’s get into it, shall we?

Hapi Organic Cafe & Maara in Napier:

The first pick is the plant-based Caramel Sundae at this Napier cafe. I guess the fact that it’s plant-based makes me feel less guilty about how loaded with toppings it is - YUM!

Bambina Pizzaria in Hastings:

An authentic Roman-style pizza sounds like a slice of heaven right about now! 

GEM Cuisine Food Stall in Gisborne:

If you're a doughnut enthusiast like myself, tell me this Donut Extravaganza isn’t making you drool instantly. The peeps from Escape say that these treats are available every Saturday at the Gisborne Farmers Market.

The Container Cafe in Pukenui, Northland:

Keen on trying a taste of New Zealand's coastal flavours? Apparently, the Paua Pies in Pukenui are the way to go. 

Kūaotunu Store in the Coromandel:

If you’re a spoon and 2L tub kind of person who can shovel the ice cream back, you won’t believe your eyes at the gigantic 10-scoop ice cream in Coro! The only negative about this would be trying to slurp it up before it melts.

Ditto in Te Anau:

Escape reckon Ditto NZ’s bao buns are the best in the country, so it looks like we’ll need to go, for research purposes, obviously!

New Zealand Alpine Lavender in Mt Cook:

A summer roadie in New Zealand is incomplete without indulging in some ice cream, but have you ever tried lavender-flavoured ice cream? I don’t know how I feel about it, but the colour sure makes for a pretty picture for Instagram!

Liardet St Projects in New Plymouth:

If variety is your thing, Escape recommends trying loads of different dishes at Liardet St Projects in New Plymouth. 

“We highly recommend Gamma Ray’s burgers,” Escape wrote in the caption of their video.

Knead - Artisan Donuts in Taranaki:

Claiming them the “best doughnuts in NZ”, Escape show off a pic of cream and fruit-filled doughnuts - SOLD!

They must be popular since they also made sure to let us know: “Just make sure to go early so you don’t miss out!”

Peach’s Hot Chicken in Panmure:

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate chicken and waffles, look no further because apparently, these are “unbeatable”. As a lover of both fried chicken, waffles and all things HOT, I’ll be the judge of that!

Providence Pantry in Paeroa:

When you're in Paeroa, be prepared to encounter pies that are more than just a snack. These pies look like they’re serving up a whole meal in one delicious package.

Sneaky Snacky in Auckland:

Okay, just when I thought food combos couldn’t get any more sickly good, Escape has gone and suggested these doughnut burgers that look like a sweet and savoury heaven. Though, I don’t think I could stomach a whole one, I would certainly give it a red hot go.

Well, after looking at all of these delicious recommendations, I can’t decide what I want to sink my teeth into first. Road trip, anyone?