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You can now rate your fellow Kiwis' driving skills and see what people think of yours
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You can now rate your fellow Kiwis' driving skills and see what people think of yours

Road reviews > Road rage!

Ah, road rage, that all-too-familiar feeling of wanting to turn your car into a Transformer and give other drivers a piece of your mind. 

Between the slowpokes, lane changers and non-indicators, it's like a never-ending circus.

But what if there's a way to address these issues without resorting to an aggressive rage of honks and arm waving?

Plate Alert is a new website where you can rate other Kiwi drivers' by simply typing in their number plate and leaving a review - this sounds like a Black Mirror episode I’ve seen on Netflix.

But wait, before you unleash your inner keyboard warrior (no one likes those), Plate Alert has a nifty-looking feature to keep things, well, civil. 

You can now be a little more constructive with your suggestions by picking from a drop-down menu of more politely worded reasons for your rating.

Just remember to pull over and park safely before you become the victim of a bad review!

SOURCE: PlateAlert.co.nz

Sam Parsons, the Kiwi creator, came up with Plate Alerts after riding shotgun in his grandmother's car.

Initially, his family assumed her driving was safe, but while sitting in the passenger seat Sam realised her skills weren't up to par as first thought. 

"It would have been bloody good to have some way of knowing or getting feedback from other people. We could have known her driving wasn't so sharp before then," Parsons said via Newshub.

"That's the big idea. People can have these conversations with people who maybe need a bit of work on their driving rather than them having an accident before it's too late."

And hey, it's not all about the negative stuff; you can also leave glowing reviews for those who've got their driving mojo on point.

So, let's hope Plate Alert revs up conversations about safer driving because if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that we could all look out for each other a bit more on the roads.