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Spotify Wrapped just shared the top songs, artists & albums Kiwis listened to the most in 2023
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Spotify Wrapped just shared the top songs, artists & albums Kiwis listened to the most in 2023

How does yours compare?

Spotify Wrapped came out today and is celebrating our favourite artists, songs, and albums from 2023.

While many of ours are probably reflecting the likes of Frozen's 'Let It Go' or The Wiggle 'Hot Potato' it seems us Kiwis have a pretty solid music taste when it comes to our top local plays.

So, whether you're proudly flaunting your top artists or contemplating a temporary digital hibernation, Spotify has revealed New Zealand’s musical obsessions.

NZ’s most-stream local artists in 2023

Homegrown legends Six60 snatched the crown as NZ’s top local artist. And while we’re not picking our jaws up off the floor, we have to give a massive round of applause to the band for taking out the title for another year in a row.

Six-60’s self-titled album also took out #3 for Kiwi’s most-streamed album, following SZA’s ‘SOS’ at #1 and Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ ranking #2.

And if you're wondering which tune had New Zealand grooving the most, it's the groovy beat of ‘ L.A.B's 'In the Air’. that's taking the gold for New Zealand’s most-streamed local artist song.

NZ's most-streamed global artists in 2023

Miley Cyrus and her 2023 track ‘Flowers’ dominated as the country’s most streamed global hit. It’s been on repeat for 11 months, and yes, we’re still not over it.

Reigning supreme and continuing the girl power, Taylor Swift has taken out New Zealand’s #1 most-streamed artist for 2023. I mean, who else could it have possibly been? She’s been single-handedly carrying the music scene globally and we’re definitely listening in style. 

Taylor also took out the most-streamed artist globally on Spotify for 2023 with a mind-blowing 26.1 billion global streams since January 1.

Spotify has been celebrating Taylor Swift all over the app. When playing a Taylor Swift song on Spotify, fans can experience the progress bar changing to match the song’s Era colour and the progress button will turn into a sparkle. 

Oh, and if T-Swift ranks in your top artists, you’ll get an exclusive share card and a thank-you message from the queen herself.

It’s been a massive year, and we can’t wait to see what you’re Spotify Wrapped has to say!

My New Year’s resolution is to finally kick that ‘White Noise’ off the top, and replace it with some of these legends.