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The New Zealand region that spoils their furry friends the most has been revealed
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The New Zealand region that spoils their furry friends the most has been revealed

Are your fur babies V.I.P-ets?

Kiwis are absolutely head over heels in love with their pets, and it's official – we’re pampering our furry friends more than we pamper ourselves.

Animates and AfterPay undertook a survey to find out which Kiwis pamper their pets the most in all of Aotearoa.

They wanted to find out how often Kiwis are willing to splurge on their precious fur babies and what that cash is getting spent on. 

So, where in NZ are people going above and beyond for their pets?

West Coast pet parents aren’t holding back by splurging the most on those non-essential pet goodies. 

But if you want to talk about daily pampering, give a round of a-paws for the Tasman District, Nelson, and Northland for their frequent affection.

Similarly, pet owners in the Tasman district (23%), Marlborough (18%) and Auckland (15%)  are most motivated by pet pampering to ensure their pets look their best in public.

Nelson (44%), Hawke’s Bay (28%) and Bay of Plenty (25%) pet parents are also significantly more likely to invest in pet care to ensure their loyal companions are a good reflection of them.

As it turns out, us Kiwis are going all out for our pets with over 54% of us ready to ditch our own self-care to treat our four-legged friends.

But here's where it gets really interesting. One-fifth of Kiwis are spoiling their pets every single day, while over 65% are indulging their furry companions every week. 

In comparison, only 25% of us are willing to pamper ourselves weekly, so who’s the real VIP here?

And almost 78% of pet owners believe that the joy of having a pet outweighs the financial cost – now, that's true love!

So, there you have it. Kiwis are paw-sitively obsessed with pampering their pets. Whether it's treats, toys, or top-notch grooming, our furry friends are living the good life.