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Two talented Kiwis created Ed Sheeran's new music video for his song 'Punchline'
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Kiwi As

Two talented Kiwis created Ed Sheeran's new music video for his song 'Punchline'

"Its been a dream come true!"
1 December 2023 4:30PM

A mind-blowingly talented Kiwi duo has created the music video for Ed Sheeran's latest song 'Punchline'.

Creator Evan Heasman from Waipu teamed up with his buddy Chris, an animating genius from Wellington to combine their talents and pull off an amazing video that is now the official visual for Ed's track.

The video contains hundreds of hand drawings, ink, and painting techniques to create beautiful creatures and scenes, including the chic interiors of the Fox’s woodland home, forest and seas.

Chris took the pictures and brought them to life. We're talking character animation, camera wizardry, and digital effects.

"I really enjoyed playing with the darker tones of ‘Punchline’ to create a world that I hope is both visually interesting and emotionally engaging,” Evan said.

He added: “Having enjoyed Ed’s music for such a long time, I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to create a video for his music in my own style (even writing this does not feel real).”

 “The project has been an absolute dream come true." 

Ed’s love for New Zealand is no secret, he has previously mentioned that he would love to move to our beautiful country if it weren’t for his family being in the UK.

“I would live in Wellington. That’s my spot, I love it there,” Ed said via 1News.

While in the country earlier this year, Ed popped into Hobbiton for an impromptu acoustic performance for tourists visiting Middle Earth.

Ed stopped by the Hobbiton tourist attraction in Matamata earlier this week to do a magical performance of his 2013 tune ‘I See Fire’ from none other than the film of the same year ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’.

So, with all the buzz I think we’re just adding more and more reasons why Ed should become a permanent resident in NZ.