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From funky stationery to reusable lunch wraps: Trendy back to school shopping done cheap
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From funky stationery to reusable lunch wraps: Trendy back to school shopping done cheap

Here are some affordable ideas to kickstart the school year in style.

As the 2024 school year kicks off in New Zealand, families are grappling with what many are calling the toughest back-to-school season ever. 

This year, we’ve looked into how you can cool that ever-burning hole in your pockets and found some of the most affordable BTS items that won’t have you screaming bloody murder at the price tags.


School uniforms can cost an arm and a leg for a full set, it’s one of the main financial burdens of the school year. So, to kick us off, here are some solutions.

For primary-aged students, simple polo shirts, shorts and skorts are usually the ones you need the most. How many times has your young one toddled home with a hole or two in their clothes after running a muck on the playground?

Of course, the school-specific items may still teeter on the more expensive side, but stocking up on a few basic Kmart polos at $3.50 each and a pair or two of $10 shorts/skorts will have the uniform side of things pretty much sorted for a fraction of the cost at a uniform shop.

And to make sure no jerseys, hats or shoes go walkabout - because there’s always one that does - this 40-pack of iron-on labels for under $2 could make tracking down the missing uniforms from the lost and found bin a whole lot easier.



Fun and funky stationery shouldn’t be a big burner in the back-to-school budget. Here are a few options under $10.

Pencil cases:

If your kiddo loves a bit of fun and colour, they might love the Stipe Pencil Case from Warehouse Stationery.

Got an avid gamer on your hands? Kmart’s Gamer Skate pencil case might be right up their alley - they can even fill it with a 5-pack of gamer-themed erasers.

Or maybe your little one loves to be a little EXTRA?! The Fluffy pencil case from Kmart and a 4-pack of ice cream-themed erasers are giving the glamorous vibes for a tenner.

And who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? The Disney 100 pencil case from the Warehouse stationery is a classic choice for a reason.

SOURCE: Warehouse Stationery 

Book coverings:

There’s no doubt, the best part of returning to school is personalising and labelling the books.

There are heaps of reusable sleeves for your kids to cover their exercise books. From ‘Frozen’, ‘Spiderman’, flowery and even ‘Matrix’ inspired coverings from the Warehouse Stationery, you’ll have a lot of fun choosing the best designs for each subject - yes, that’s how the kids do it!

SOURCE: Warehouse Stationery

Of course, you need to label those books so, why not pick up a 20-pack from Kmart for $1.50?


Is this year the year for a new backpack? Are unicorns, space or a subtle tie-dye print more their look? Kmart’s got loads of 3-piece backpack options, complete with a drink bottle and lunch bag.


You’ve probably heard your kid asking for the viral Stanley Cup - if you haven’t consider yourself lucky! Those things cost close to $90 and are all the rage right now. But with a hefty price tag, we’re looking for some cheaper options. Kmart has gone viral for selling a dupe of the popular jumbo tumbler for under $20 - it’s a win-win, right?!


Is the old lunch box on its way out? Refresh the year with a 4-pack lunch box from The Warehouse. With a metal drink bottle and two containers that you can add to the cupboard after a few uses, you’ll be sorted with packing the lunches in the morning.

SOURCE: The Warehouse

While we’re talking about packing lunches reusable options will always prove cheaper and more sustainable in the long run. The warehouse has a reusable lunch wrap that will keep the sandwiches fresh all day and avoid all the lost containers and loose lunch scraps spilling through their lunch box.

So, send your little one(s) off with some trendy new items that won’t blow the bank account to shreds and have a great start to the 2024 school year!