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NZ's most popular baby names 2023: New boy name beats out 'Oliver' for first time in 10 years
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NZ's most popular baby names 2023: New boy name beats out 'Oliver' for first time in 10 years

Should these top 10 lists be used as inspiration or as what to avoid?

The results are in for the most popular baby names given to little ones by Kiwi parents over the last year - and Noah has emerged as the number one boy's name. 

Oliver had held the title since 2013, but now sits in the number two spot. Meanwhile, Charlotte is the favoured choice for little girls, having been in the top 2 for the last 6 years. 

The annual top 100 baby name lists are released by Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs, collated from  a total of 18,666 different first names given to a total of 57,889 babies that were born and registered by the Department in 2023.

Top 10 NZ girls names in 2023:

  1. Charlotte 
  2. Amelia 
  3. Isla 
  4. Olivia 
  5. Harper 
  6. Willow 
  7. Lily   
  8. Ava 
  9. Ella 
  10. Hazel

The top Māori baby names for boys and girls will be released around the time of Matariki this year. 

Top 10 NZ boys names in 2023:

The Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Russell Burnard, says naming a child is "one of the greatest gifts any parent can give", adding the department knows how much time and thought is given to this "important milestone".

Kiwi parents could look to use these lists for inspiration, or to try and steer clear of the most popular names to avoid their child being one of five Isla's in the same classroom at school! 

  1. Noah 
  2. Oliver 
  3. Luca 
  4. Jack 
  5. Leo 
  6. Theodore 
  7. George 
  8. Henry 
  9. Charlie 
  10. Hudson 

The info for the most popular baby names list is gathered from SmartStart, a website that provides new and expectant parents with step-by-step knowledge and support to help them access the right services for them and their baby.

Smartstart is also where new parents are able to apply to receive the Best Start payments. The full top name lists for 2023 and dating right back to 1954 are available on the Smartstart website.