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Eden Park CEO reveals why Taylor Swift skipped over NZ on her 'Eras Tour'
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

Eden Park CEO reveals why Taylor Swift skipped over NZ on her 'Eras Tour'

ngl my heart just broke all over again knowing she could've made it.

Taylor Swift’s Aussie ‘Eras Tour’ is kicking off tonight in Melbourne. With many Kiwis travelling across the ditch, it’s left the rest of us with broken hearts, still puzzled on why exactly NZ was skipped off the schedule.

Multiple theories have done the rounds to try and ease our pain. Would ticket sales not have been high enough? Could she not fit her gigantic 90-metre stage in our stadiums? What was it?

Eden Park’s CEO, Nick Sautner has spilled the truth on why Taylor isn’t shaking it off in Auckland’s largest stadium. 

“Eden Park has proven it can accommodate any stage or production and 60,000 fans,” he told NZ Herald.

So, with that he’s confident she would have “sold out multiple shows” here, but what was the real hold-up?

“In 2020, our resource consent permitted Eden Park to hold up to six concerts in any 12-month period,” Sautner explained.

There's a limit on how many concerts the stadium can hold within a year and they’re already maxed out with two Pink shows next month and three Coldplay gigs in November

So, that only leaves room for one more show and you know T-Swift could’ve easily sold at least a whole week's worth of ‘Eras Tour’ tickets in NZ.

Sautner added: “Our current consent doesn’t make this possible, which means artists are bypassing New Zealand and fans are missing out.”

If you thought snagging a ticket to the seven Aussie shows was an outright battle of the Swifties, imagine what sort of mayhem would’ve been caused if she had only one NZ show. 

So, while Taylor could've made a stop here in NZ, it's all tied up in paperwork. 

If you're heading to Aussie for the tour, please capture every moment. We'll be living through all the clips we see online.