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Kiwis are re-selling Bunnings' Bluey garden gnomes for up to $250 and fans are 'disgusted'
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Kiwis are re-selling Bunnings' Bluey garden gnomes for up to $250 and fans are 'disgusted'

"This is what's wrong with the world 😒."

Bluey fans are fuming over the show’s limited edition garden gnomes being resold online at ridiculous prices.

Earlier this month, Bluey and Bunnings teamed up to give us something totally unexpected: 'Hammerbarn'! Yep, Auckland’s Glenfield warehouse transformed into the iconic hardware shop featured on the hit kid’s show. 

Instore, fans could get their hands on the limited Hammerbarn merch, including Hammerbarn tote bags, bag tags and a fan favourite - Bluey-inspired garden gnomes.

Designed to look just like the ones from the show, and selling at $19 for one of the four collectables, fans were running wild to get their hands on the collection.

The stock of the Bluey gnomes is now completely sold out online.

Now, some sneaky Kiwis have swooped in, slapping ridiculous prices on eBay, Trademe and Facebook marketplace listings. One is going for an eyewatering ‘buy now’ price of $250.

Of course, Bluey's biggest fans (and by that, we mean big kids) weren’t having it and vented their frustrations on the ‘Adult Bluey Fans’ Facebook group.

“And this is what's wrong with the world 😒😒,” wrote one annoyed fan. 

“Disgusting,” wrote another. “They purposely go out and buy this stuff in bulk or as much as they can just to mark it up to ridiculous prices and sell to those who miss out who genuinely want one and spend ages waiting for one.”

A third said: “Every. Bloody. Time. I'm REALLY sick and tired of resellers!😡” 

While a third wanted resellers to get their “karma”. “I hope no one buys it so they're stuck with them," they wrote.

While the markup is frustrating, resellers across the ditch are listing the gnomes for even crazier prices - up to $960 NZD.

So, can we blame them for getting heated over missing out just for others to make a bit of cash? It's enough to make you want to throw a Bingo-style tantrum!