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Kiwi kids can meet Bluey at the Bunnings NZ store turned into a real life Hammerbarn
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Kiwi kids can meet Bluey at the Bunnings NZ store turned into a real life Hammerbarn

The kiddos have the opawtunity to meet Bluey and Bingo this weekend!

Bluey has arrived in Aotearoa today to take over Bunnings, ahem, Hammerbarns for a whole load of activities, plus a meet and greet with the Heeler family youngsters!

Throughout February, one Bunnings Warehouse will transform into the hardware store shown in season 2 of the kiddos' (and parents') favourite telly show.

In ‘Hammerbarn’, the Heeler family visit their local hardware store to get a pizza oven and end up with a trolley full of other items - sound familiar?

During your next trip to the local tool shop, the kiddos can get crafty with Bluey-themed projects, go on scavenger hunts, and pick up some Hammerbarn merch while they're at it.

On the 3rd and 4th of February, Bluey and Bingo will be meeting Kiwi kids at the Glenfield store, but only if you can snag a booking faster than the rest of their keen friends. 

And what’s a trip to the hardware store without the aroma of a sausage sizzle following you around the store? Make-A-Wish New Zealand will be sizzling behind the barbecue at Hammerbarn Glenfield, raising funds to make dreams come true for Kiwi children facing critical illnesses. 

Bluey and Bingo will also be hanging out at the Botany store on the 10th and 11th of February. 

For the rest of Aotearoa, look out for Bluey-themed activities, D.I.Y workshops and scavenger hunts in your local shop.

SOURCE: Bunnings NZ

Bunnings New Zealand General Manager, Melissa Haines, is stoked for NZ to experience Hammerbarn in real life, saying: “Our team have had kids and parents referring to Bunnings as Hammerbarn ever since the episode aired and we are thrilled to have brought this connection to life through our Glenfield store transformation.”

So, grab your little tradies, put on your best doggy ears, and join the Heelers at Hammerbarn!