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6 of the rarest Birkin handbags in the world are going sale in NZ with huge price tags
Kiwi As
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6 of the rarest Birkin handbags in the world are going sale in NZ with huge price tags

You can even go an have a hold of one... or all six!

 Six of the world’s rarest and most coveted handbags by Hermès are up for auction in Auckland right now and we’re gobsmacked at their hefty price tags.

All the big-shot celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé and the Kardashians have been flaunting these Birkin bags like there's no tomorrow. They've basically become the must-have accessory for anyone who's anyone in the fashion world.

Kiwis can sneak a peak at the luxury bags at Webb’s auctions in Mount Eden.

Here are the bags included in the lineup, from least to most expensive: 

Lot 158: Hermès Evercolour Noir Birkin 35
$13,000 — $15,000

Lot 116: Hermès Club Vert Bronze/Blue Thalassa/Fauve Birkin 35
$19,500 — $22,500

Lot 17: Hermès Ardennes Black Birkin 35
$20,000 — $23,000

Lot 125: Hermès Chocolat Togo Birkin 35 Bag
$20,000 — $24,000

Lot 65: Hermès Orange Togo Birkin 30
$22,000 — $25,000

Lot 149: Hermès Estrusque Ostrich Leather Birkin 30
$25,000 — $30,000

Why are they so exclusive?

Back in 1984, The Hermès Birkin bag was born after British actress and singer Jane Birkin struggled to find a suitable bag for all her items.

Each Birkin is meticulously crafted using materials including crocodile, ostrich, and python leathers, so you know its quality is primo. 

Wait lists to get your hands on a Birkin can be years long, which adds to its exclusivity in the fashion world. 

There have even been studies done on the investment of a Birkin, with its return value sitting higher than the likes of stock and gold! 

We can't wait to see what kind of price these beauties fetch at auction and we're definitely not at all jealous of whoever gets to take them home...