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How you can help Orana Wildlife Park financial challenges from your own home

A great idea to visit during the School Holidays too
17 April 2024 2:32PM

Canterbury’s much-loved Orana Wildlife Park needs your help.

New Zealand’s only open-range zoo, which sits on the outskirts of Christchurch, has made a public request to Christchurch City Council to support them more financially to continue.

“We desperately need increased annual funding support from the Christchurch City Council of $1.5M each year, equating to 68 cents a month per rate-payer,” the wildlife park details on their website. 

While it would be the perfect time to show physical support during the School Holidays, we can show our support from our own homes by making a submission on the Christchurch City Council Draft Long-Term Plan on their webpage here

An easy guide was posted to the Orana Wildlife Park webpage:
- Enter your name and email in Section 1.
- Skip to Section 8 where under ‘Anything Else’ you can add your comments about Orana.
- Comment on Sections 2-7 if you have other things to say
- When done, please click Submit in Section 10 by 21 April.

Their webpage also includes helpful starting points on what to mention in your submission, including why you visit and the role Orana has in the community.

The financial challenges of Orana Wildlife Trust have increased since the pandemic, CEO Lynn Anderson shared. 

"For over 48 years, Orana has not only been a sanctuary for endangered species but has also played a critical role in educating the public and fostering a love for nature," she told Chris Lynch Media.

"Without increased support, Orana risks financial instability, delayed maintenance on aging infrastructure, and the potential loss of skilled staff."