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Hundreds of Te Kūiti sheep cause a new kind of ‘ram’ raid at local Liquorland
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Hundreds of Te Kūiti sheep cause a new kind of ‘ram’ raid at local Liquorland

Unfortunately they didn’t have their ID on them...
8 April 2024 1:58PM

Te Kūiti is known for Sir Colin Meads and sheep shearing, which made it the perfect place to host The Great NZ Muster over the weekend.

Imagine a few hundred sheep running down the main street of Te Kūiti while punters guess how many there are to win $1,000.

An unexpected byproduct of the race saw one local business gain some unusual customers - a whole flock of sheep, as documented in a TikTok video.

A flock of sheep visited the local Liquorland, with some of them even making it into the staff room.

I’m unsure which is better, the sheep race or the fact they made their great escape to Liquorland to find some baaaa-gains.

Our own Paul Ego was the MC on the day and told us all about the chaos that unfolded.

"We were standing at the stage waiting and I said 'Does someone have the number, does anyone know how many there were?’,”Paul explained.

The response has to be one of the most Kiwi things you’ll hear:

Hear the full chat about the attempted 'ram' raid with The Breakfast Club here:

"The guy who has the number of Sheep is just helping the organiser because when they let the sheep out again, six of them ran into Liquorland."

If you’d like to see a full rundown of The Great Running of the Sheep, Waitomo Council has posted it to their Facebook page.

This may just be one event to add to the calendar for next year.