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 'Beautiful!": NZ Black Ferns shock fans with viral celebratory post-match waiata
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'Beautiful!": NZ Black Ferns shock fans with viral celebratory post-match waiata

Some incredible talent within our Black Ferns
27 May 2024 12:46PM

The Black Ferns are proving their many talents in a viral TikTok that has us questioning whether they’re in the right career.

The NZ women’s rugby team has blown us away with their incredible pipes in a viral TikTok that has gained 128K views in just 24 hours

The women took to the stage in the postmatch press room after their win against Australian Wallaroos on Saturday to beautifully sing the waiata ‘Tōku Reo, Tōku Ohooho’.

Winning the match 67 - 19 and holding on to the O’Reilly Cup, The Black Ferns’ friends and families cheered them on from gameplay to celebratory sing-alongs.

There is a wholesome feel about the entire video, with a few players holding their young children while singing along with the team

While most would expect the rugby team to be somewhat off-key, The Blacks Ferns have shocked everyone by singing so well the comments have said what we’re all thinking 

“Beautiful waiata whānau❤️,” said one fan. 

Another wrote: “You guys are so good at singing.”

“This is so beautiful lovely Waiata you all sing,” added a third.

Not only does the video sound beautifully, but they have included the lyrics within the video for others to learn the lyrics and sing along.

It’s not the first time the Black Ferns have captured the internet attention while bringing people together with music, with Ruby Tui taking over Eden Park after winning the Rugby World Cup final in 2022, encouraging the crowd of 40,000 to sing ‘Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi’.

“Thank you for including the lyrics - on repeat learning now! ❤️”

There’s nothing like a good waiata to bring us all together - we love it ladies!