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'Heartbroken': Black Fern Sevens' Shiray Kaka shares tearful injury update on Olympic future
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'Heartbroken': Black Fern Sevens' Shiray Kaka shares tearful injury update on Olympic future

"So real for making us cry and laugh at the same time."

Black Ferns Sevens' Shiray Kaka got emotional as she revealed she's had to put aside her "Olympic dreams" due to her recent injury.

Taking to Instagram, Shiray tearfully thanked her fans for sending love and prayers to heal after she tore her ACL on her left leg. 

“It didn’t work,” she joked before breaking the hard news that she wouldn’t be making it to the 2024 Olympics in July due to another ACL tear on her left leg this time. 

“Thought it was time to let you guys know, my Olympic dream is over... 😔💔,” she captioned her post. “Apparently 3 surgeries weren't enough, God thought I needed one more 😅.”

“Really thought it was finally my time to show the world what I could do. After all the training, all the setbacks, all the missed family events.. the Olympics was going to make it all worth it. But it just wasn't meant to be,” she wrote.

Talking to the camera, Shiray said: “It’s just not my time right now.” 

On a positive note, she expressed she’s happy for whoever will step up to the plate to fill her position in the team.

“Someone will have the most amazing opportunity to play Olympic games, which is exciting for whoever that may be,” she said.

She added that she isn’t going to dwell on it for too long and while she doesn’t have an ACL at the moment she does “have a personality” - yes you do, and we love your positivity in this hard moment.

Fans have flooded the comment section with messages of love and support for Shiray as she navigates a journey of healing ahead.

One user wrote: “🥺😭❤️ So real for making us cry & laugh at the same time 😂 All the best with your recovery you beautiful human!! A setback for an even better & bigger comeback.”

“Man this hit me hard in the feels sis 🥹🥹😭😭actual tears over here wish I could give you a hug,” said former Black Fern Niall Williams. “You take all the damn time you need, you’re allowed to be sad and upset and feel shit, unhappy, angry and whatever you need to feel, then when the times right you get back on that horse and go again…”

Shiray’s teammate Michaela Blyde added: “Heartbroken for you Ray Ray❤️‍🩹 still can’t believe it….😔😢 but we all have your back!!! love you loads!!!! 🤍🙌🏼”

Ending her post, Shiray said: “Life goes on, rugby goes on - and so will I! So please keep supporting me, I'm gonna need it in the healing phase of this injury!”