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'No way!': Kiwi bride surprises her groom by bringing out his favourite NZ singer at wedding
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'No way!': Kiwi bride surprises her groom by bringing out his favourite NZ singer at wedding

“This is so wholesome!"

A Christchurch bride pulled off an amazing surprise for her groom during their wedding by bringing in his favourite Kiwi artist - NZ Idol winner Ben Lummis.

In a TikTok video shared by the bride, Katie Barlow (now Duggan), her groom Scott Duggan can be seen eagerly waiting for the best day of his life to unfold. 

While we’re sure he was stoked to tie the knot with his beautiful bride, it was Mr Lummis who he had his sights set on when he entered the room.

“There’s no way,” he could be heard saying in the video as he covered his mouth in utter shock. The room erupted into cheers for their friend, knowing his deep love for the singer.

Scott would have only been 12 years old when Lummis won New Zealand Idol in 2004, and his hit song "They Can't Take That Away" became a chart-topper in the country.

“He has a real passion for Ben Lummis, he really loved his music. He religiously listens to the token Ben Lummis song,” his wife Katie told Stuff.

The plan came about a couple of months before the big day.

After reaching out and working out the finer details with the NZ Idol star, flights and accommodation were booked and Lummis was on his way.

Katie shared a follow-up video of the whole reception singing along with Lummis word-for-word as they danced into the night.

Kiwis are flooding the comments to share the excitement for Scott, with one user writing: “So cool💯good to see Ben Lummis, looks like he hasn’t even aged 😍.”

“Unlocked the Ben Lummis phase we went through when young,” said another.

While a third added: “This is so wholesome! Ben has a beautiful voice - how awesome!”

Lummis himself even reshared Scott’s excitement to his own Instagram story writing: “was not expecting this reaction.”

A truly incredible surprise for such a special day all around!