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MOTAT's new science and tech centre 'Te Puawānanga' is 'unique to Aotearoa' - and it looks mean
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MOTAT's new science and tech centre 'Te Puawānanga' is 'unique to Aotearoa' and looks a blast

We love the idea of playful learning!

Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology has a fresh vibe on its way with the opening of its new Science and Technology Centre.

The biggest upgrade they’ve had in a decade, Te Puawānanga, is set to open on May 25th and promises to flip the script on how Kiwi kids get involved with science, tech, engineering, and maths (STEM).

It’s said to be all about playful learning - imagine a multigenerational friction slide and a reflection room. Plus, they're teaming up with local knowledge guru Pita Turei to dig into science unique to Aotearoa.

The centre is split into three spots: Te Tumu's - a playground for the littlest Kiwis, Te Puku's - where the big kids get deep into science, and Te Waha's - where everyone gets hands-on with the best tech around.

Esther Tobin, the brain behind the scenes, reckons the new centre will be a game-changer for kids in Auckland.

"Te Puawānanga can be the touchstone that bridges a gap; a place to play and create, building a pipeline of curious kids fascinated by science and technology knowledge specific to our part of the world.”

MOTAT's been around for a whopping 60 years, but Te Puawānanga is set to bring new life to the place.