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Sam Smith joins Kelly Clarkson to perform an 'unbelievably gorgeous' duet on 'Breakaway'

Sam Smith joins Kelly Clarkson to perform an 'unbelievably gorgeous' duet on 'Breakaway'

Sam Smith and Kelly Clarkson? A duo we never knew we needed!
12 October 2022 3:44PM

In the recent Kellyoke segment on The Kelly Clarkson show, Sam Smith and Kelly Clarkson did an absolutely beautiful duet on Kelly's hit song 'Breakaway'.

Their voices perfectly blend together yet you can hear their voices distinctly. We would love to see more of Sam x Kelly music in the future.

The hug that they go right after performing shows how proud they are after their stunning performance.

Fans have expressed how much they love this duo in the comment section:

"This is gorgeous. Kelly needs to do more duets for Kellyoke.

"What a wonderful duet, Sam's lows and Kelly's high notes in one single song is perfect, love the harmonies they made from intro until the end of the song. Bravo Kelly and Sam".

"This performance is so special! ️ Please, release it as a duet single."

Fans are loving Sam's run when singing "I'll learn how to fly" - we sure are too!

"This is unbelievably gorgeous. Sam Smith's voice on this is heavenly, especially when they sing "I'll learn how to fly", so gorgeous," one fan wrote.

"I love the way Sam sings “fly“. That run was everything!" another wrote.