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Jason Derulo doing opera?

Watch Jason Derulo surprise fans with an Opera cover of 90's hit ⁣'Baby Got Back'

Jason Derulo doing opera? We wouldn't have guessed that either!
12 January 2023 4:52PM

When we think of the name 'Jason Derulo', the word 'opera' is probably the furthest thing from our minds.

But we may have to think again when it comes to Jason Derulo, because he totally nailed his Opera cover of the 90's hip hop hit 'Baby Got Back'!

The 'Want You to Want Me' singer was a guest star on the British TV show 'That's My Jam' where he was challenged to take the lyrics from the iconic Sir Mix-a-Lot track, and give it an operatic treatment.

And we admit, the result was outstanding! With the playfulness of theatre-verse, he giggled with a fake British accent as he read the opening lines.

"Oh my God Becky, look at her butt!"

The audience cracked up at Jason's comedically accurate opera treatment, belting the word "butt" with gusto and vibrato.

And fans online couldn't help but love how perfect Jason's performance was.

"Crazy that this man can sing like that and chooses to use that power to do music that’s wildly different," said one comment on YouTube.

"If this was available on iTunes, I would buy it in an instant," raved another.

But a fan did point out that there was one crucial element lacking in his song - "It’s missing the all-important ‘Jason Derulo!’ at the start!"

What might be a surprise to many is that Jason Derulo was in fact classically trained to be an opera singer when he was younger, and sang classical music "since I could remember".  He even performed "Time To Say Goodbye" at the MTV European Music Awards in 2018 with the legendary opera singer Andrea Bocell, and sampled the same song as part of his version of 'Goodbye'.

We think there could be a real opportunity for Jason Derulo to release an opera hip-hop album in the future!