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Where is the money? Black Eyed Peas sue toy company over pooping unicorn that sings 'My Poops'

The Black Eyed Peas are asking to be reimbursed for the millions of dollars they claim to have lost for inspiring the song.

The Black Eyed Peas are reportedly suing a toy company behind a pooping unicorn that allegedly "rips off" their 2005 hit 'My Humps'.

Will.i.am and co's publisher BMG has filed a lawsuit against MGA over the similarities between the pop song and 'My Poops', which The Poopsie Slime Surprise: Dancing Unicorn sings.

Where is the money? Black Eyed Peas sue toy company over pooping unicorn that sings 'My Poops'

The song is also used in the advert for the toy.
BMG said not only does it sound similar, but the singer sounds like former frontwoman Fergie.

The unicorn goes: “My poops, my poops my poops my poops. Whatcha gonna do with all that poop, all that poop."
“I drive my parents crazy, I do it every day."

Fergie sings: “I drive these brothers crazy, I do it on the daily.”

BMG is seeking $10million (£8.7million) in damages on behalf of Black Eyed Peas, Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, Fergie previously explained that she needed to step away from Black Eyed Peas to make an album about her own experiences.

The 47-year-old singer didn't think it was appropriate to pour her heart into a record about her own personal life with the 'Where is The Love?' group because she feels that would be a selfish thing to do.

Speaking to promote her second solo album 'Double Dutchess' in 2017, she said: "I have lived so much and I needed somewhere to put all of my life experiences. I don't feel like it is fair to go on a Peas record and be like, 'Let me bust out my journals and make this all about me'.

"I don't know it's too selfish for me, so I just needed to let it all out."

Fergie insisted she's not done with the group - also comprising Taboo and apl.de.ap - and hopes to make more music with them in the future.

She added: "I've always just been the little sis and part of groups and like that and I got to have a moment with 'The Dutchess' and such and amazing four albums with The Peas and hopefully more.

"I've always been a kind of misfit that didn't really fit in any particular character perfectly, so it's just a mishmash, but when you put it all together it really makes sense if you know.

"So I've got to have a soul album and do whatever I feel is organic and not try to fit in some mould."