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The 20 best live performances from singer Pink

20 unbelievable live performances from Pink caught on camera

Singer, songwriter, dancer and aerial acrobat!
6 March 2023 12:22PM

It's no secret that Pink is one of our favourite performers ever. A fearless rockstar who has been crushing it on stage for over two decades, she is also an incredible singer, songwriter, dancer and aerial acrobat!

From her early days as an edgy pop artist to her evolution into a powerhouse rock and roll icon, Pink has always captivated audiences with her unique sound, strong vocals and performances that are like no other. Trying to narrow down all her iconic stage performances to just a list of twenty is a difficult task. 

For example, remember when Pink performed 'Just Like Fire' at the 23rd Billboard Music Awards in 2016? She flew over the crowd and stage in a striking black costume with the most pointed eyeliner ever, amongst acrobats and a clock that was literally fire too.

And who could forget the jaw-dropping 'Beautiful Trauma' performance at the 45th Annual American Music Awards in 2017? The stage wasn't big enough for Pink so she and her dancers decided to do her whole live performance scaled sideways on a glass building.

Pink couldn't even be stopped by the flu when she was asked to perform the US national anthem in 2018, the same year Justin Timberlake took over the half-time show. You wouldn't have thought she was sick if she hadn't posted on Instagram after her performance, blaming her "two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear!"

We could go on and on about Pink's outstanding performances, but you should really check out the complete list for yourself. And in the lead-up to Pink's Summer Carnival Tour, trust us - you won't regret going to one of her shows.