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Ed Sheeran surprises a busker with an unexpected special duet

Ed Sheeran surprises a busker with an unexpected special duet

"Oh wow, you just made my day!"
13 April 2023 9:50AM

The 62-year-old busker, Mike Yung grew his popularity after going viral in 2016 after singing 'Unchained Melody' by The Righteous Brothers on a train platform.

He even appeared on America's Got Talent in 2018 and has released an album ever since.

Mike still continues to regularly perform in subway stations across the city of New York.

The singer was shooting a video of him singing Ed Sheeran's latest release 'Eyes Closed' on the subway station platform when the one and only Ed Sheeran surprised him.

Mike shared the video that captured the moment of the surprise and their impromptu duet on his social media.

In the video, Mike is passionately singing 'Eyes Closed', meanwhile, Ed Sheeran can be seen slowly walking towards him from behind and ready to surprise him. Getting a bit closer to the busker, Ed starts singing.

Mike turns back to only find the superstar looking at him and singing. 

"Oh wow, you just made my day!" Eric says as he goes out for a hug.

The video ends with a very special and beautiful duet between them.

Mike Yung also shared a post thanking with photos of him with Ed, and videos from his gig, to thank him for giving him the concert tickets.

"Thanks for the tickets bro the show was Amazing," Mike wrote.