Niko Walters dishes up a little bit of funk with his single 'Not My Neighbour'

wired 12/11/2020

Niko Walters is fast-becoming a household name on the NZ music scene. While his brother is a part of the biggest Kiwi band of modern times (Six60), Niko is pathing his own way with his solo career.

Since the release of his latest single 'Not My Neighbour' we caught up with Niko to ask him a couple of questions.

·  Where do you call home? Auckland NZ
·  What inspired your new song 'Not My Neighbour'? Quentin Tarantino movies
·  What's your proudest musical moment? Sharing the same stage as my brother     in Dunedin
·  What's a Kiwi song you're loving at the moment? Men by Deryk
·  What's one artist you would love to collaborate with? Frank Ocean
·  Where can we find you on social media? @nikowalters Instagram :)

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