Six60's latest single 'Sundown' is another song of there's that we absolutely adore

wired 04/08/2020

Six60's latest single 'Sundown' is just another song to add to the list of Six60 songs we absolutely adore.

The single has been released ahead of their upcoming docu-film 'Til The Lights Go Out'.

The film shows the rise of Kiwi band Six60. From their humble beginnings in a Dunedin flat, to selling out Western Springs in Auckland!

Now Six60 fans finally have a date for when they can watch the boys' story on the big screen. The film will hit cinemas across New Zealand on October 8th. The band also alluded on their Instagram that there may be many special premieres and screenings across the entire country. Keep an eye out on their website for more!

Director Julia Parnell said that "any preconceived ideas" she had of the band were totally changed during the creation of the film.

"Their stubbornness to achieve, whilst confounding critics and disproving experts, has virtually redefined what success looks like in New Zealand. But it’s been the brutal honesty they have shared that I hope will connect most with audiences."