US primary school dumps homework to great results, should NZ schools follow?

There has been a long debate over whether or not primary school students should have to do homework or not.
Some people claim that homework cuts into family time and stresses kids out, while just as many others see it as a crucial part of learning.
A school in the US has dumped homework for all year groups and instead opted for 4 simple new tasks which they call the "No Homework Policy: Student's Daily Home Assignment".
The rules are as follows...
1. Read books every night – (and have your parents read to you too).
2. Get outside and play – that does not mean more screen time.
3. Eat dinner with your family – and help out with setting and cleaning up.
4. Get a good night's sleep.
6 months after introducing the new rule and the principal says they have not seen a decline in acamdemic results. He says the new rules have given kids "time to be creative thinkers at home and follow their passions".
It wasn't only the principal and school staff who saw the benefits though, many parents noted that their children were happier and loved how it gave them more time to follow or find their passions.
Do you think it's time for more NZ schools to ditch homework?