Who do New Zealanders trust the most?

Pics 24/03/2016
Politicians are among New Zealand's biggest losers when it comes to "trust" based on a new, comprehensive survey from Victoria University.
But politicians can take some solace that they are not the least-trusted overall -- it’s bloggers that take that title.
The findings come from a new publication by Victoria University's Institute of Governance and Policy Studies which saw 1000 adults surveyed at the end of February.
It shows more than half of Kiwis have little or no trust in MPs and Government ministers, with just 1 percent having complete trust in them.
It's even worse for bloggers, with 60 percent having little or no trust, while media are also high when it comes to lack of trust.
The survey also looks at the most trusted -- and the medical profession tops that list.
Institute director Michael Macaulay claims it's the most in-depth study of its kind undertaken in New Zealand.
"It shows the people, the public, the 1000 people we spoke to don't trust the media, don't trust MPs and don't trust local Government.
"It may well be that this is the result many politicians fear but also expect. It might be something to worry about, it's certainly something that needs to be discussed.
"But before anyone jumps to conclusions, before anyone goes crazy or takes offence or decries this as the last part of human civilisation, we need to take stock, have a chat and see how bad it actually is."