People are not pleased with this couple's choice of baby name

Pics 16/01/2017
A couple has created quite an uproar for the choice of their baby name.

The list of unusual baby names continues to grow, but who are we to judge that, after all, we are not the parents. 

People at Mumsnet are not happy at all about this couples decision to call their newborn girl Felicia. They have had a lot to say about the name. 

The thing is, this is a special case. The parent's like the name Felicia, but they don't like the pronunciation.

Her mum asked Mumsnet "I like the name Felicia. But we would pronounce it 'Fuh-liss-ee-a' rather than like Feleesha. What would you think if you saw a baby with this name? Would people always pronounce it wrong?"

The question got a lot of backlash straight away with others mums saying things like: 

"You would be landing your child with years and years of correcting people."

and "Don't give your child a name you are going to deliberately mispronounce."

No one was holding back or sugar coating their relies. One mother even went on to say "I'd hate you for it. You can't go using a name and choosing your own random pronunciation for it and not expect your child to be properly pissed off with you. There are millions of names, choose one you actually like the sound of."

Some people can be very protective of other children. To be fair, the parents did decide to ask for opinions. 

The mother later replied "I don't mind correcting people, but I don't want future darling daughter to hate me for it! I just can't grasp the felleesha pronunciation."