Bondy Live

Bondy... Bondy... Bondy  :-)
AKA Christopher James Bond
(Truly, that's his real name!)

Producer to Si and Gary + Bondy LIVE every Saturday Morning 6am-10am 

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Phone -  0800 MORE FM
TXT the studio - chch then your message - and send it to 559
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Bondy's Billboard ...


Bondy is from Oamaru as you know.... bit of a blast from the past!

Bondy got this for a Christmas gift from one of his "work mates" LOL

NZ League Icon Benji Marshall
 Cup Day, your meant to be working Bondy not hanging out with The PM!

 VIDEO - One of the hardest things Bondy has had to do .... Kids do not do this ever!
Click on the video below to view - or click here to watch via you tube .


As you know our Bondy isn't the sharpest tool ...


More FM get us on - 92.1 FM Canterbury, 94.9 FM in Sumner /  Redcliffs and 99.1 FM Akaroa/Banks Peninsula
Nelson - 92.8 FM, 94.1 FM Murchison , 92 FM Golden Bay