Jase's emotional and physical reaction to his heart attack

Lana & Jase 07/04/2017

Our Jase has been recovering well since his heart attack late January, but he still gets a bit choked up talking about it.

Talking to The AM Show today, he discussed the events of his heart attack to Duncan Garner, and how the doctors broke the news to him.

"I could tell by the body language and looks on faces that something serious was going on. I like to keep things pretty light, so my way to deal with stress is to throw in a few jokes - but there were no jokes coming back."

So why did he have a heart attack? Turns out it runs in the family - something he didn't know until afterwards.

"Men - you need to check out your family history. I'm well aware it's played a big part in [my heart attack]. It wasn't about my fitness, it wasn't about my age - family history's a big thing."

And don't hesitate to get checked out at the first sign anything is going wrong.

"The quicker you can get to hospital and get it checked, the better."

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