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Matt Hobbs, host of More FM Coromandel's Breakfast Club
Coromandel's Breakfast Club
Coromandel's Breakfast Club

Get to know your Coromandel Breakfast Club host Matt Hobbs

Matt Hobbs is taking over the Coromandel's Breakfast Club!
18 January 2023 10:42AM

Meet Matt Hobbs, who's joining you every weekday morning on Coromandel's Breakfast Club!

What made you want to move back to Coromandel? I've lived pretty far away from home for over 5 years now so I was keen to move back to the area. Living in the most beautiful part of the country is pretty appealing too!

Tell us about yourself? have a partner of over 6 years, Ellie, and we live with our dog Ruby who is a Staffy X. I was born and raised in Hamilton but have ties to the area with my Dad and his family having lived in Ngatea for a number of years while he was at Hauraki Plains College. (Part of the undefeated First XV for 2 years he always reminds me!) I also love Sport but I'll try not to bore you too much with it 😂

Are you more of a fisher or a surfer and why? Probably more of a Surfer although I'm no good at either of them. I was taught to surf by my cousin when I was a kid but I probably need to get back into it now that I'm surrounded by beautiful beaches.

if you could live in one part of the Coromandel where would it be and why? Probably Whitianga. I just love the vibe there and I think it's a good mix of things you want in a town. Waihi Beach would be pretty sweet too.

Should Pineapple go on Pizza and why? Absolutely! I'm a big fan of Pineapple on pizza, it makes it so much sweeter.

What can people expect on the Breakfast Club with Matt? Hopefully some entertaining, local radio. I'll keep you up to date with all things Coromandel and we'll have a laugh along the way.