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Are you the favourite child? This TikTok trend will help you find out
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

Are you the favourite child? This TikTok trend will help you find out

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A new TikTok trend has supposedly unlocked the answer to a question kids have been asking since the first sunrise lit up the Earth: Who is the favourite child?

Jay Jay and Flynny had a chat about the new phenomenon called ‘The Password Child’. 

“Password child, it’s a new term they’re throwing about on TikTok,” Jay-Jay said. “Apparently, the password that your parents have, sometimes it’s got one of the child’s names in it and subconsciously, that is the parent’s favourite child.”

That’s right. If your parents’ password to their email account, for example, is Holly2468, then your sister Holly is the favourite sibling. 

Alex Griswold’s TikTok from December of last year does a great job of explaining the new hack to finding who’s the sweetest sibling (in the parent’s eyes anyway).

Once he posted the video, kids around the world were taking to TikTok to either brag that they are the password child or take pride that they’re not a suck-up and are not the password child. 

Despite the virality of the trend, Flynny, a father of five, doesn’t believe in the theory. 

“I have five children and I have to disagree,” he said. “Although, I have used my first son’s first and middle names and the year he was born for passwords for years until very recently."

“I think a couple of my passwords are still his name - but that doesn’t mean he’s the favourite, that was before the others were born. I just got in the habit of using it.”

Though he does admit that he’s used another child’s name for a password or two since then. 

In 2018, a study of 1,000 mums and dads by Mumsnet (a parenting website), found that 23% of parents have a favourite. 63% said they don’t have a favourite, while 14% said they don’t know. 

Of the 23% that said they do, more than half said it’s the youngest child. 

So, if you ever need to know someone’s password your best chance is using their first child's name!