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'MAFS AU' expert John Aiken speaks up about the "plant" contestants in season 10
Jay-Jay & Flynny
Jay-Jay & Flynny

'MAFS AU' expert John Aiken speaks up about the 'plant' contestants in season 10

The rumor mill has been swirling, but John set the record straight with Jay-Jay and Flynny.
27 March 2023 5:49PM

Is there a "plant" in season 10 of 'Married at First Sight Australia'? 

Every year, we watch struggling singles find love, and we wonder if these people are honestly searching for romance or just looking to become reality TV celebrities.

But relationship expert John Aiken, who is often counselling or commentation on the relationship dynamics of each couple, swears that even controversial contestants in the experiment like Harrison are not "plants" made to create drama.

"He's a guy looking for love, like all of them," he says, to Jay-Jay's disbelief.

Talking to Jay-Jay & Flynny, he explains that he has to "unleash" on the couples and call out the bad behaviour in commitment ceremonies.

But often, the people in these couples don't realise the reasons "why they're single".

"They don't have any sense of the flaws of their approaches, and one of our jobs is to hold a mirror up and show them."

Often in the infamous and "intense" dinner parties, the experts witness the action in real-time during the eight-hour-long dinner, which, for struggling couples, becomes a heightened place of chaos.

And as it all plays out on TV, the internet trolls come out against the contestants and the experts!

Reflecting on the feedback he receives online, John says that he gets abusive texts all through the night.

"People are so invested in the couples, so they're outraged that [the couples] are acting this way, and they see the experts to blame [for matching the couples up]."

Hear more of your burning questions answered by John Aiken, and other behind-the-scenes details from Married at First Sight Australia in the exclusive interview above!

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