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More FM's Whip Around Wedding at New World
Quintin & Anne walked down the aisle - aisle 4 to be exact!
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Shopping & Retail

Jay-Jay & Flynny marry Anne & Quintin in the middle of a New World supermarket

Attention shoppers, there's love in Aisle 4!
13 March 2024 5:22PM

Amidst the biscuits and baking supplies, a bride adorned with a pink sash made her way towards a groom awaiting her by a flower wall in the meat aisle.

It's not your typical meet-cute (or maybe it's a meat-cute), but when Jay-Jay & Flynny asked if anyone fancied tying the knot for free during their New World Whip around, we never expected someone to take up the offer!

With a "stir-fry bouquet" crafted from kale, capsicum, celery, and carrots, and a wedding cake fashioned from the famously delicious New World Long Bay doughnuts, Auckland couple Anne & Quintin were united in matrimony.

Watch how the unusual supermarket wedding went down in the video above!

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