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Kim & Corbett - Hilary Barry's first meeting with Gary McCormick was the most Gary thing ever
More FM's former newsreader Hilary Barry still remembers the first time she met Gary on an April Fool's gag
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The Breakfast Club

Hilary Barry's first meeting with Gary McCormick was 100% the most Gary thing ever

It would have been a good April Fools prank - if it wasn't so genuinely Gary.
16 August 2023 1:49PM

A couple of decades ago More FM Auckland 91.8FM and More FM Canterbury 92.2FM were two different stations with two different breakfast shows. In Auckland, Kim & Corbett ruled the airwaves, while in Christchurch, Si & Gary were the voices for Canterbury.

But one fateful April Fools Day, they swapped shows to prank their listeners.

However, one person stayed consistent - the More FM newsreader at the time, Hilary Barry.

On August 16th 2023, More FM Auckland's 30th Birthday, The Breakfast Club's Lana, Adam & Paul reunited Kim & Corbett on air with their former newsreader Hilary Barry to talk about her first memorable encounter with Gary during their famous April Fools prank.

How we wish we could have been there for that moment!