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Kim & Corbett - 'Tossers' might have been More FM Auckland's cruelest radio promotion
NZ radio giveaways in the 90s were something else!
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The Breakfast Club

Was Kim & Corbett's 'Tossers' series the cruelest competition on NZ radio?

More FM Auckland's original show Kim & Corbett still feel bad almost 20 years on!
16 August 2023 12:09PM

Radio thirty years ago, when More FM Auckland 91.8FM first started, was very different to how it is today.

Kim Adamson and Jeremy Corbett, from the very first More FM Auckland breakfast show Kim & Corbett, can tell you that there was no text machine, fewer phone lines, and definitely no social media to compete with.

And their radio competitions were something else.

On August 16th 2023, More FM Auckland's 30th Birthday, The Breakfast Club's Lana, Adam & Paul reunited Kim & Corbett on air with their former newsreader Hilary Barry to talk about an infamous competition series, simply titled 'The Tossers'.

"It was terrible. It gives me nightmares"

Hilary Barry couldn't bring the words together, trying to describe the promotion 'The Tossers', a competition in the late 90's/early 2000's where you win a really great prize, or end up with a really bad boobie prize - all dependant on if you can get Heads on a coin. And these prizes were BAD.

Some highlights included either winning a grand honeymoon overseas or having your wedding dress thrown into a cement mixer; flying to Hawaii or having your house filled with sand, or the worst one in Hilary's opinion - winning a trip to Disneyland. Except if you lose, one child has to be bitterly and cruelly left at home while the parents and the rest of the family flew off to the Greatest Place on Earth.

The most impressive fact - all competitors of The Tossers never won the grand prize... Which is tragic.

And people think we're cruel when someone doesn't win More FM's Pop Quiz!