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How to make Lana's creepy Halloween Platter
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

How to make Lana's creepy Halloween Platter

This recipe isn't too much of a handful to put together
24 October 2023 2:23PM

Halloween is just around the corner. A time when the wall between spooky and creative is at its thinnest, which Lana is taking full advantage of. 

Why do the tricks and treats need to be left for just the kids! What about the parents? 

Well, Lana has crafted a Halloween dish that screams two of our favourite words… CHEESE PLATTER!
But this platter may be more of a trick than a treat once you look at it. 

Lana's ghoulish culinary creation is a form of cheeseball (as she claims…) taking on the form of a skinned severed hand. 

With cream cheese, onion soup mix, grated cheese, and a layer of prosciutto or ham, she managed to conjure up the repulsive yet enticing severed hand.

Simply mix cream cheese, onion soup mix, and grated cheese together until they form a consistency that can be moulded.
Once the mixture is ready, it's time to pour onto a serving board and sculpt your severed hand before adding the layer of prosciutto or ham that blankets the frankenstein like creation. 

Instead of mouthwatering reactions in the studio, Adam & Paul were left feeling more grossed out than anything else when Lana revealed the dish to the team while chowing down on a finger.
However, online it has been a hit, with people commenting "That's brilliant!!!", and even adding "I saw someone push mince into a rubber glove then cut the glove off and cook mince in the shape of a hand. Looked awful.".

So get out there and gross out your neighbours…as long as they can stomach it.
Halloween is all about pushing boundaries after all!