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Lana almost burns down the studio making pancakes
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

Lana almost burns down the studio making pancakes

A viral trend on TikTok could prove very... flammable!
1 December 2023 3:55PM

There is a new trend sizzling up in the cooking world. TikTok has once again unleashed its culinary creativity, this time turning its focus to the classic pancake.

Lana decided to brave it out in our studio and put the trend to the test.

It sounds pretty simple: place some baking paper in the air fryer, pour in pancake batter and continue with layers of the paper and better, and voila! A pancake stack ready to go... or so they say.

Lana started setting up her masterpiece with layers of baking paper and batter, building it up like a pancake Jenga. 

But the sweet scent of success (and pancakes) was quickly replaced by the bitter smell of burning. No, it's not the pancakes that were smoking out the studio, but the paper itself!
It turns out that cramming an air fryer full of baking paper isn't the smartest way to go about it. 

As Lana opens the airfryer witnessing the charred remains of her culinary experiment, the verdict is in.... it's definatly a fail.
The paper had turned crispy while the pancakes sat there, uncooked. 

If you're tempted to take on this pancake hack yourself, be sure to keep your baking paper usage in check, ensure your air fryer isn't on the brink of combustion... and maybe have a backup plan for breakfast. 

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