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The Breakfast Club shares their brutal thoughts on the $16.90 burger from the Phoenix game

“Don’t charge $16.90 and serve someone that”
22 May 2024 2:51PM

Saturday was the biggest match in Phoenix Football history, with a sold-out crowd, however, Sky Stadium has found itself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

An image of a ‘Chicken Korean Burger’ posted to Facebook during the match, has made waves on social media.

This morning Paul described to Breakfast Club listeners as “A very plan looking adult bun sized bun, with a piece of chicken that is half the size”. Which looked more like a chicken nugget than a chicken pattie.

“Don’t charge $16.90 and serve someone that”

Lana pointed out how dry the burger appeared, “The bread is so thirsty you can see where the mayonnaise used to be”

Which has been confirmed by one person in the comments saying "It was incredible just how dry the chicken was too”

Not only, does the burger seem incredibly overpriced, but Lana was confused by the name of the Burger.

 “They’ve tried to put that under the Korean Chicken banner, but I don’t think any connoisseur of Korean Chicken, would say that it represents what Korean Chicken is all about”

Sky Stadium has responded to the backlash by recommending people return their food if it’s not good enough however, Lana said what we were all thinking. “If you stand in that line trying to bring your Chicken Burger back, you’re going to miss the game”

It’s not the first time Wellington Stadium has been in the limelight, with the New Zealand Herald reporting in 2014 that Wellington Stadium came "under fire for charging $4 for a hot dog, $5 for chips and $7.50 for a beer” which nowadays seems like an absolute steal.

While the $16.90 Burger has caused controversy online, listeners sharing their stories from events around the country seems to make it slightly acceptable.

“At Whanganui Stockcars they only sold half the sausage. They had cut them down the middle, but it looked like a full sausage” which Adam cheekily described as a great idea to fundraise on a budget