Polly proves Skittles don't taste the same with her blind super-taste skills

Polly & Grant 22/01/2018

You're wrong science!

A neuropsychologist who specialises in tastes said in a story to NPR that colours affect the flavours we taste, and that Skittles in fact taste exactly the same.

"I have a colleague in the U.K., Charles Spence, who did the most wonderful experiment," Don Katz of Brandeis University said. "He took normal college students and gave them a row of clear beverages in clear glass bottles. The beverages had fruit flavorings. One was orange, one was grape, 

“The Skittles people, being much smarter than most of us, recognised that it is cheaper to make things smell and look different than it is to make them actually taste different,” he said.

“So, Skittles have different fragrances and different colours — but they all taste exactly the same.”

But Polly, proven super-taster, says he's completely wrong. So bring on the blindfold as we test this scientific theory (unscientifically).