Si's favourite holiday snap gets the extreme photoshop treatment

Si & Gary 02/02/2018

After sharing one of his favourite snaps of his summer break, some people around the office decided that Si's pic was in need of some photoshop 'enhancements'...

Check out some of the weird locations we've taken Si to in the photoshopped images below.

The original photo...

Si gatecrashes Bruno Mars at the Grammy Awards.

Jacinda and Clarke announce their baby news... But someone didn't want to miss out!

"Help it's a dinosaur!"

"Any room for one more?"

"Jack, who is that guy behind you?"

What is Si doing all the way up there!?

Si joining Miley Cyrus for a swing on her 'Wrecking Ball'

A young Gary is shocked to find Si has followed him to the beach.

Si wasn't quite ready to let his daughter go...

Turns out Si was actually in the famous 2014 Oscar selfie!

"We're all in this together!"