Woman makes amazing Christmas table decoration out of pool noodle

we love 10/11/2020

A woman's genius hack for making her dining table look a little more festive has gone viral online. All you need is a pool noodle and a stack of Christmas decorations.

"First-time hack but pretty pleased with the results,” she shared on Facebook.

"I started with the baubles from the outside and then worked my way building up, just used a hot glue gun,"

"All up I would say I spent no more than $60," she went on to say. "I got a lot of the decorations from Kmart, Target and Big W [as well as] a beautiful shop *local store*."

"After gluing all the baubles down and [making] my base I went in and filled all the gaps with my decorations (the key is to find bigger flowers and leaves to fill in the gaps). After that was done I sprayed it with fake snow."

"I always wanted a big centrepiece for my table but they were so expensive and I couldn't bring myself to spend over $300 for one," she admits. "I love doing things like this, it was so fun."

How amazing does this look? If you're into DIY this could be a great wee project heading into the festive season!