Firstborn children tend to be smarter than their siblings

omg 21/03/2017

If you’ve got siblings, then there’s no doubt that at some point in your life the firstborn has claimed that they are the smartest, most successful and probably funniest of the bunch. A study has been done at Leipzig University to determine if there’s any truth to the rumour.

Turns out that first born children actually ARE smarter than their younger siblings. Scientists discovered that there was an estimated 1.5 drop in IQ points per sibling.

For siblings in a two-child family though it found the eldest didn’t necessarily always dominate – they have a six in ten chance of a higher IQ.

Although the eldest sibling is more likely to be smarter, they also tend to have an overinflated opinion of their brainpower, while the babies of the family tend to think of themselves as less intelligent. In spite of these differences in intelligence, scientists weren’t able to distinguish any distinctive trends in personality.