Spoof of BBC interview shows how a woman would've handled it

funny stuff 17/03/2017

Kiwi TV show Jono & Ben have produced a hilarious spoof of the iconic moment Professor Robert Kelly's children hilariously gatecrashed a live video interview with the BBC while he was discussing Korean politics.

That experience left Prof Kelly totally flustered and unsure how to deal with the situation - but Jono and Ben's remake features a stay-at-home mum that's far more in control of proceedings.

The televised segment with Prof Kelly's female substitute Kate Wordsworth begins in quite a similar fashion to the real segment - with her daughter walking into the room while the interview's in full swing.

But rather than ignoring her and hoping she'd be quiet, she welcomes her daughter onto her lap and feeds her milk - and when her toddler comes in, she calmly gives her a toy.

As the parody goes on it strays further and further from the original - she is seen removing a roast chicken from the oven and cleaning the toilet, all while giving her thoughts on the complex relationship between North and South Korea.

Soon, it becomes totally ridiculous - a SWAT team emerges with bomb in hand, calling on her to select and cut a wire to prevent it exploding, and her husband emerges with just one sock, asking her to locate the other.

The spoof finishes with Ms Wordsworth being thanked for her time, and her responding by saying, "Alright, let's find this sock then."

The video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times on Facebook since being posted on Thursday night.