Disney Princess Belle makes sick girl's dreams come true

we love 21/04/2017

7 Year old Daisy was born with a rare form of dwarfism which has caused some complications with her health. As a result of this, Daisy has spent much time in and out of hospital.

Hospital staff grew fond of the upbeat little girl and recently nominated her to the Make-A-Wish foundation (a global organisation that aims to grant critically ill children any wish they want)

Daisy's wish was relatively simple, she just wanted to meet the Disney Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Daisy was jumping up & down from excitement

So Daisy and her family travelled to Disney World to make her dreams a reality. But when Daisy met Belle, Belle had a few ideas of her own for how to make the experience truly memorable... She invited Daisy on a very special backstage tour of 'France' (a section of Disney World)

Daisy's Aunty Patricia shared some pics of the whole experience online, which have since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

"So Daisy just met Belle…" her Aunty said.

"Belle asked if we had plans after… when we said no, she said, "Great! What if I take you on a tour of France?" 

"Daisy was jumping up and down from excitement and was bawling her eyes out when Belle told her she would take her on the tour," she later told E! news. "Daisy was sobbing from happiness, and everyone around her was crying, too."

This is clearly an experience that Daisy will never forget!

Another image shows Daisy wiping away happy tears as she's completely overcome!

Daisy and Belle head off on their adventure around the many parts of Disney World.

Source: GoodToKnow