Italy "retaliates" against Bill English's spaghetti pizza

NZ 07/04/2017

Italy's Ambassador in New Zealand, Fabrizio Marcelli, has committed one of the greatest food sins ever seen in New Zealand  putting salami on a pavlova.

He calls it "retaliation" after the Prime Minister "defaced" Italy's culinary heritage. 

"It was just a prank because the Facebook post from Bill English has caused so much reaction," he told Newshub.

The Ambassador says he had no accomplices - it was all him.

"I hope they don't recall me back to Italy," he joked.

But Mr Marcelli doesn't want the food war to spiral out of control - in fact he's offering to help the Prime Minister finesse his culinary skills.

"We could offer Bill English some Italian cooking lessons so he doesn't deface our national treasures like pasta and pizza," he said.

The Prime Minister's wife, Dr Mary English, has Italian heritage. She has not yet commented on her husband's attempts.