Mermaid toast is real and you know you want a piece

omg 20/04/2017

We're long past jam and peanut butter on toast, and now you can forget smashed avocado too because healthy mermaid toast is here and it's incredible.

Adeline Waugh is a food stylist and blogger who fills her Instagram with the most colourful slices of toast you have ever seen, and it's gonna make your mouth water just looking at the pictures.

"My goal is to take healthy food and make it fun and exciting, brightening it up with a few (or many) pops of color," Waugh told Vouge magazine.

In Waugh's latest post, she talks about how to make her healthy mermaid toast.

What you need:

  • Cream cheese (regular or almond milk cream cheese will work fine)
  • Spirulina powder
  • Chlorphyll drops
  • A piece of toasted bread
  • A butter knife

"The method is where it gets a bit tricky. It’s all somewhat of an experiment, I add very small amounts of chlorphyll and spirulina to the cream cheese, mix it together and see what the colour ends up looking like. Then, if I want a deeper or more pigmented colour, I add a little more, bit by bit, until I have the color I desire. I add a base of plain white cream cheese first, and then I start swiping the different blues and greens on in a motion mimicking waves. You don’t have to do it exactly like I do, just have fun with it!"

"P.S. It really doesn’t taste like anything except cream cheese and spirulina/chlorphyll, so you might want to add some toppings when you eat it for more of a satisfying experience. I’d go for some cucumbers, everything bagel seasoning, avocado etc. When I take photos of the toast by itself or with gold leaf, I’m simply doing this for aesthetic reasons and to create a beautiful photo. If I’m about to eat it, I jazz it up a bit."

Waugh has a knack for creating beautiful pieces of toast, like these cool unicorn toasts.