Mum left annoyed as gift is taken from kid as punishment

omg 03/04/2017

A mother has taken to the Mumsnet Forum to ask for help with a tricky situation.

The mum was left annoyed after finding out that a cash gift she had given to a friend’s daughter for her birthday had since been taken away from her.

“I'm genuinely in two minds as to whether I'm unreasonable about this.” the mum opened up.

“Last week it was my friend’s *daughter’s* birthday. I gave her *$35 NZD* in a card. A few days later I was chatting to my friend and she told me her dd had lost the *$35 NZD* for bad behaviour (ie friend had taken it as a punishment).

“Part of me thinks that how my friend chooses to discipline her *daughter * is none of my business but part of me also thinks that she could have chosen a different consequence that didn't mean I hadn't got her *daughter* a present.

Both families are quite close and the *daughter* spoke to me about being sad that she no longer had the money and asked if I could buy her something else (she's quite young so wasn't trying to be cheeky I don't think). I said I couldn't as I'd already given her money and if her mum has taken it away it's not my place to go against that. But I did feel peeved by the whole thing.

I think what is also bothering me is that my friend is always skint (despite earning a lot more than me) so I feel like it was more about her wanting/needing the money for something rather than her *daughter* doing much wrong as what she did was very minor. But again what she does and doesn't think worthy of discipline is none of my business either."

Other users of the site were quick to chime in with their 2 cents.

“A present from someone else should not be taken away as a punishment. Just awful.” one user wrote

“That's awful and cruel. You don't punish a child by taking gifts away! Heartbreaking that she wants you to get something else for her. ” added another.

But someone else wasn’t as sympathetic, adding that ‘it’s the mother’s choice how she disciplines her child.’

What do you think, does the mother have the right to be annoyed?

Source: Mumsnet