New internet trend 'How bad can you insult NZ?' takes off

funny stuff 26/04/2017

A Reddit thread called "How bad can you roast New Zealand?" is attracting hundreds of views.

You had to get Peter Jackson to make ads for you

While many of them are insults that we've all heard before, there are some gems in the mix and it's hard to argue with some of the points...

10 of the funniest insults the world has thrown at New Zealand:

"Your air force's symbol is a kiwi. They're flightless."

"Do you know why they call it land of the long white cloud? Even God covers up his mistakes."

"New Zealand is only 42% pure now because people ******* suck."

"That country is so uninteresting you had to get Peter Jackson to make ads for you."

"Stop putting ketchup and mayo on ******* everything. I know your cuisine sucks, but you aren't helping yourself here."

"Fyi, there are cheeses other than 500 varieties of cheddar."

"The only good thing about New Zealand is that no one can even afford to live there."

"The only country whose tough criminal underbelly includes grandmothers who grow avocados."

"Isn't that just part of Australia?"

"I prefer Old Zealand."